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In 1970, 52 years ago the first official Black History Month was recognized.  This was not the beginning, nor should a month be the end of recognizing and celebrating the massive contributions to the evolution of the United States that African Americans have and continue to be involved and responsible for.  As early as 1915, there was a vision for a weeklong celebration to include focused education around Black History.

Black History Month evolved out of the efforts of Carter G. Woodson’s vision to have coordinated week-long teaching of Black History in public schools.  The evolution includes, but is not limited to, the recognition and celebration of more than simply Black History but to the contributions, inventions, and the impact of African Americans on the course of American History.

Why was February “selected” as the month to dedicate to the celebration of Black History?  Two historically important birthdays are in the second week of February – Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.  The emancipation of slaves and the abolitionist movement were influenced and led by Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass respectably.

As each of you can imagine the list of individuals and accomplishments is extremely extensive….  Consulting Solutions, over the course of this month of Black History, will be recognizing and sharing multiple facts, stories and blogs.  Please join us in Celebrating Black History Month.