Ronaldo T., Meridian Client for 2 years

As a leading retail organization based in the US, we engaged with Meridian to help support top strategic security initiatives. Melissa and her team of recruiters truly went above and beyond to understand our KPIS, our culture and made sure the consultants we were hiring were going to be precise fit.

Aayansh M., Meridian Client for 3 years

We’re one of the largest US banks and have stringent compliance and regulatory guidelines. I have been impressed with the Meridian team – especially with regard to ensuring our consultant onboarding process is followed prescriptively. You don’t get this level of service with a lot of workforce solutions companies, but Meridian delivers.

Matthias M., Meridian Consultant for 2 years

I’ve worked for Meridian for two years as Infosecurity Analyst. My recruiter, Austin, was always timely and professional. Throughout the interview process, he was there to help in any way. He and the Meridian team check in regularly to make sure I am happy in my role.

Deion W., JDC Group Consultant for 3 years

JDC Group treats me with professionalism and respect, and I feel like I am a part of their family. This doesn’t always happen when you’re a contractor, but Steve and his team really to a good job of welcoming you.

Tarron F., JDC Group Consultant for 1.5 years

My onboarding experience with JDC Group was very positive. My recruiter, Graham, has been an outstanding resource throughout the process. He’s a great communicator, thinks proactively and made sure I had every thing I needed to demonstrate my expertise to my new hiring manager.

Sara M., JDC Group Client for 4 years

A huge thank you to Windham at JDC Group, who has been a trusted resource for us and helping us build our operational analytics team over the last six months. He’s resourceful, empathetic and always delivers.