Carolyn S., CSI Consultant for 2 years

As a consultant, I see firsthand how the level of service and support the CSI team differentiates them from other providers in the market. Additionally, CSI has built one of the most comprehensive technology practices across the broad range of solutions, platforms and methodologies, including the additional supporting capabilities needed to successfully deliver those solutions […]

Tino A. CSI Client for 3 years

Thank you to Jason for helping us adjust our hiring strategy for a recent Infosec project. Because of his input into the talent sets we were looking for, we were able to hire a team that precisely aligns to our program’s needs.

Devon R., CSI Client for 5 years

Stace at CSI is a unique combination of detail orientation while also keeping a view on the holistic health of our organization. He understands what roles and resources we need to get projects done quickly and cost-effectively.

Melvin D., CSI Client for 4 years

John Moschella and his team work tirelessly to deliver teams that support a myriad of technology projects for our organization. Each project where CSI has been involved has resulted in outstanding outcomes and helped us drive additional revenue growth while controlling costs.

Ronaldo T., CSI Client for 2 years

As a leading retail organization based in the US, we engaged with CSI to help support top strategic security initiatives. Melissa and her team of recruiters truly went above and beyond to understand our KPIS, our culture and made sure the consultants we were hiring were going to be precise fit.